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Haven't decided where to eat tonight yet? Manuel's med grill - The best in Italian and mediterranean grill in South London

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About us - Manuel's Restaurant and Bar

Have you been searching for the best Italian & Med Grill restaurant in Gipsy Hill, Sydenham Hill, Upper Norwood, Dulwich Village, Forest Hill, Crystal Palace, or West Norwood in South London?

Manuel's Restaurant & Bar is the place to go whether you're looking for fine dining in a welcoming restaurant or delectable Italian cuisine in the comfort of your own home.

Our mediterranean restaurant also has the unique experience of watching live music as you eat. With many talented artists and tribute acts on, you can enjoy some beautiful mediterranean food while singing along to your favourite songs.

For a full list of our upcoming events, click here.

To book a table, arrange delivery or pick up, you can call us on 0208 6701 843 or send an email to


What is Mediterranean cuisine?

The concept of a Mediterranean diet was popularised by the food writer Elizabeth David's book A Book of Mediterranean Food (1950), which was later expanded upon by other English-language writers.

Many writers characterise the three basic parts of the cuisine as the olive, wheat, and grape, which produce olive oil, bread and pasta, and wine, respectively; others disagree that the Mediterranean basin's highly varied foods constitute a cuisine at all.

The region encompasses a diverse range of cultures and cuisines, including the Maghrebi, Egyptian, Levantine, Ottoman (Turkish), Greek, Italian, Provençal, and Spanish cuisines, however some authors include more cuisines. The cuisine of Portugal, in particular, has a Mediterranean influence.

Outside of the north and the hilly inland regions, Mediterranean Italian food encompasses much of Italy. It is a broad cuisine, but risotto, pizza in Neapolitan and Sicilian varieties, and pasta dishes like spaghetti are among its most well-known and distinctive meals.

Risotto is an Italian dish made with short-grain rice that is both very absorbent and resistant to turning into a pudding when cooked with stock and flavoured with onions and garlic sautéed in butter. Fish and white wine; chicken; eel; mushrooms and grated Parmesan cheese; quails; small bits of meat; courgettes (zucchini); clams; ragù; beans; mussels; prawns; cuttlefish; and asparagus are some of the ingredients used in Veneto risottos.

Pizza, or "pissaladina or pissaladière" in Provence (the cuisines of the French Mediterranean and Italy have something in common), is a thinly rolled out piece of bread dough with a topping that varies by location but is generally much simpler than those in the English-speaking world, as David points out. This is fresh tomato sauce, anchovies, and buffalo mozzarella in Naples. It's onions fried in olive oil with salted sardines in San Remo. Onions, black olives, and anchovies are used in the Provençal version.

Spaghetti bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be served "simply with olive oil and garlic," without cheese, or with a sauce of "quite red and ripe peeled tomatoes," cooked swiftly and flavoured with garlic, basil, or parsley, as David suggests. Pieces of bacon, onions sautéed in fat, garlic, stoned olives, and anchovies are served with olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese in one Sicilian variation.


Where is the best med grill in South London?

Manuel's Restaurant and Bar of course with a mediterranean grill and where the food is centred on classic Italian cuisine.

Our cooking philosophy is straightforward: high-quality, seasonal vegetables with little hassle.

Our atmosphere is light and airy, our service is pleasant and laid-back, and our menu comprises traditional dishes with a twist.

The restaurant has a lovely environment and friendly staff.

Where can I find a menu for Mediterranean food?

We are one of the best Italian and Mediterranean restaurants in London with some of the best food around.

We have a fantastic menu ready for you to choose from, with starters, mains, desserts and cocktails, you are sure to find what you love at Manuel's Medgrill. Check out or beautiful menu here and contact us today to book your table.

Check out our gallery here so you can see exactly what your food will look like when it arrives at your table.

Do you offer delivery?

Creative Cuisine provides menus and catering services for both homes and offices.

We can customise menus for you, your family, and friends, then bring them to your location for convenient, quick-serve dining.

With our delivery service, food can be delivered hot and ready to serve right to your table.

When you don't want the formality of a sit-down meal, a chef-prepared gourmet buffet is ideal, and we have a broad variety of delectable foods that will have you coming back to the table.

We specialise in assembling pre-packaged meals for delivery in SE19 and the neighbouring areas.

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